Image photo with the ROCKET, Bildauswahl Christoph Schweiger 2019

LOWA CLIMBING Team Christoph Schweiger

Rock climbing as a passion

Christoph Schweiger got his first taste of climbing at the ripe old age of 4, when his father took him to the centre for the first time. Brightly coloured climbing holds have been a part of his life ever since. The resident of Ingolstadt, a city in central Bavaria, is a member of the German Youth Climbing Team and has already finished first in a large number of national and inter­na­tional compet­itions. He enjoyed his greatest triumph during the boulder competition at the European Youth Cup in Graz, Austria, where he won first place. He also made it to the podium in various compet­itions held during the German Boulder Cup. Thanks to his great results, he captured second place in the overall competition in Germany held in 2015. But his real passion is rock climbing. No destination is too far for him, and he loves to travel across Europe. His most chal­lenging accom­plishments while climbing with a rope include Kiki Riki 8a+ and Truplojedka 8a+ in Misja Pec, Slovenia, and Mono Joghurt 8a+ in Bercht­esgaden, Germany. In boul­dering, he has conquered High Destiny 8a+/b in the southern German region of Allgäu. When he is not scaling a sheer rock wall in his climbing shoes, he enjoys playing football. Once winter sets in, he also likes to go cross-country and downhill skiing. He is really excited about being a part of the LOWA CLIMBING Team. He met the other team members for the first time during a climbing workshop at the company’s headquarters in Jetzendorf and enjoyed some great conver­sations: “Climbing with the other athletes was really cool. I had a great time talking with the others and learning a trick or two.”

Facts & figures

Home base:
Favourite climbing site:
Local mountain:
1,87 m
76 kg

Christoph Schweiger,
Do you have a motto?

“Yes, I try to live by a quote from Wolfgang Güllich: “There’s no such thing as too much strength.””

Image photo with the ROCKET, Bildauswahl Christoph Schweiger 2019

How do you prepare for your exped­itions? Do you have a special ritual?

“Before I head out, I try to focus only on myself and think back on successful compet­itions or completed projects to start on a positive note.”

What is the first thing you do when you reach the top?

“Enjoy the moment and think of the countless hours of training required to get here.”