LOWA CLIMBING Team Florian Schweiger

Climbing in his blood

It is virtually impossible to imagine Florian Schweiger without thinking of climbing. And why not? Climbing is a full-time member of his family and flows in his blood. It all began at the age of 4, when his father took him and his big brothers – including Christoph Schweiger who is also a member of the LOWA CLIMBING team and, thus, a team colleague of his – climbing for the first time. Climbing, and the intensive training asso­ciated with it, has dominated his life ever since. When his school work and training allowed, he also played football with his friends.

The ambitious youngster is also at the forefront in competitive terms. At the German Youth Cup held in February 2020 in Nuremberg, he was the only finalist of his age group who was able to top all four final boulders and walked away with the title as a result. He also won the title at the German Youth Cup held in Bexbach last year as well. He has collected many medals on the Bavarian state level as well. In February 2020, he finished second in the Bavarian boul­dering competition and won the statewide speed title in 2018 and 2019.

Facts & figures

Home base:
Secondary-school student
Favourite climbing site:
Local mountain:
1,71 m
59 kg

Florian Schweiger,
Do you have any tips for young climbers?

“My tip for other climbers is to never lose the fun in climbing and to keep going even after a setback.”

How do you shake off your own laziness and do your training?

“I remember my goals and the fact that I can only reach them if I follow through with my training.”

How would you describe your perfect day?

“No school and a joyful training or boul­dering with friends.”