Image photo with the ROCKET, Julius Westphal Fontainebleau Bouldern

LOWA CLIMBING Team Julius Westphal

In search of new chal­lenges

Julius Westphal has been fascinated by climbing ever since his early youth. He needs the different moves and the challenge that each new route has to offer. That’s why the main focus in his work is also on building routes for the various climbing halls throughout Germany – whether it’s a route for a competition or for normal customers.

In addition to setting routes, Julius is mainly out and about climbing rocks. In 2015, he successfully climbed one of the toughest routes in Germany: the Action Directe graded 9a in Franconian Switzerland. But he’s also taken with the sandstone rocks in the Southern Pfalz and was also able to make a first ascent of a couple of extremely difficult routes here.

Together with LOWA CLIMBING team athlete and partner Emilie Gerhardt, Julius has also been managing a boulder hall in Karlsruhe since 2020. Here, they were even able unin­ten­tionally to celebrate the opening twice. The hall opened in mid-March, only to have to close again three days later. That was because of the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. After being closed for almost three months, the hall opened again at the start of June.

Facts & figures

Home base:
Gym owner
Favourite climbing site:
Fontainebleau, Franconian Jura
Local mountain:
1,75 m
63 kg