Image photo with the ROCKET, Leander Carmanns Fontainebleau

LOWA CLIMBING Team Leander Carmanns

A holiday with consequences

The holiday that Leander Carmanns took in Ehrwald, Austria, in 2010 changed his life: He tried rock climbing for the first time there. Climbing has been a part of his life ever since, something that can no longer be left out of it. Partic­ularly because boul­dering and climbing can be done together – both outdoors or in the hall – Leander has a distinct pref­erence for the sport.

The years of 2019 and 2020 were partic­ularly successful ones for Leander. He won the boul­dering competition in the German Youth Cup in Braun­schweig, finished second in the boul­dering competition in the German Youth Cup in Bexbach and third in the boul­dering competition in the European Youth Cup in Graz. He is now a member of the German B youth team as well. Leander has also achieved successes outside the competitive arena. In Fontainebleau, he has climbed a few impressive routes on the rock as well, including “La Balance (sans la prise taillée)” (7c+/8a) or “l’Ange Naïf” (7c) in the original version.

Facts & figures

Home base:
Secondary-school student
Favourite climbing site:
Fontainebleau, Franconian Jura
Local mountain:
Freyr, Belgium
1,78 m
60 kg

Leander Carmanns,
What attracted you to moun­tain­eering, and what made you really decide to pursue it?

“I started rock climbing while on holiday. That was back in 2010 in Ehrwald, Austria. Since then, we have been spending our summer and winter holidays there on a regular basis.”

Do you have any tips for people who would like to give moun­tain­eering a try?

“Just try it and have fun.”

How would you describe your perfect day?

“A sunny day in Fontainebleau with good friends, fresh coffee, good baguette and macaroons.”

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