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This is a refreshingly different moun­tain­eering magazine for mountain lovers, fresh air fans and ambitious leisure-time athletes. It covers everything, from test reports about products and event calendars to the latest outdoor trends. As passionate lovers of the outdoors, the publishers can optimally combine work and play. Their exper­iences then flow directly into their reporting.,
AIRFRESHING is not a normal blog. How does it differ­entiate itself from others?

“In particular with its honesty, inde­pendence and passion! Different from other commer­cially driven blogs, websites and magazines, we are in first order interested in thinking like real outdoor enthu­siasts – and that, if possible, fair and respectfully. That means that we ourselves as dedicated recre­ational athletes are outside and always attempt to look at things about outdoors as a reader would. That brings us closer to our readers than many tradi­tional media and makes us also more tech­nically well-versed than many influ­encers.”

What importance does AIRFRESHING take on day-to-day for you?

“If you want to be inde­pendent like I do, then you have to earn your money by other means. That is why the Blogazine as a rule always sits on top of the daily to-do list. As a freelance copy­writer and editor, of course, I have the pleasure to schedule my day as I want. Even when really does not carry its own financial weight, I take the work on it quite seriously and invest sometimes more than needed. But, in the end, in many respects it always offers a payback: I meet unbe­lievably many people, have contact with athletes and brands, and am able to have totally exciting first-hand exper­iences that many “mere mortals” never would be able to have.”

What is for you the fascination in being outdoors?

“Even when I am more and more often out with a camera to grab a few shots of test products or to stay on track for the next story for our website, I just really need to be outdoors to ground myself. Nowhere else does my soul find its peace nor do I find the needed distance from the daily grind as in the mountains. Indeed, being outdoors does not always mean to compulsively seek higher and more distant goals. Being outdoors is for me more of a concept or place that fortu­nately everyone can define for him- or herself.”

Lieblngsziele 2014

My tour: Krot­tenkopf round-trip Spec­tacular panorama tour with breath-taking views of the valley Lechtal and the Allgäu Alps

Start of the tour:
Refreshment break:
Weil­heimer hut
End of the tour:
09:00 hours
Hiking equipment, hiking boots
Our shoe tip:

You can race from Oberau near Garmisch-Parten­kirchen over the summits of Bischof (2,033m), Kareck (2,046m), Oberer Rißkopf (2,049m), Krot­tenkopf (2,086m) and Hohe Kisten (1,922m) to Eschenlohe and back. You will need at least eight to nine hours to complete the tour. You can complete it in five to six hours if you run!

My shoes for…