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Ulligunde.com, an alpine blog from the southern German region of Allgäu, focuses primarily on scaling sheer mountain faces, racing through fine powder snow, conquering breath-taking summits and then paragliding back down again – and describing how it all feels from a young woman’s perspective.

How did you come up with the idea to establish ulligunde.com?

“That came from my brother. I headed out in 2010 on a solo trekking trip for four months through Oceania, and he suggested I start a blog to keep those at home up-to-date. I did not really know what that was, but discovered a lot of happiness in describing my under­takings and adding photo­graphs, and so I just keep it up after my travels. It was mostly about trekking and camping tours in the mountains. Two years later, I discovered rather by chance that for a long time it was not just my family that was reading it, but a few thousand other people. I began to use social media for the blog and started getting involved in some part­nerships. At some point the question also arose if it did not need a clear name rather than simply my ancient nickname from school days. But, on the other hand … why? Meanwhile, this silly name is my “brand” and it has been my living for more than two years. I never really planned that it would come to that. So I am all the more thrilled about these unbe­lievably exciting times.”

What are the components of a good blog partner for you?

“Trust, appre­ciation, and simply on a human level that you “get along” with each other. It can frequently occur that you are perceived more like an advertising platform or an inex­pensive content producer. So that makes it all the more appre­ciated when brands, shops and destin­ations recognise the indi­vidual strengths of a blogger and then use them creatively. It is important to me personally that the goals and requirements of a part­nership are clear, but when imple­mented that I also have if possible pretty free rein – that is what spawns the most creative and most beautiful results.”

Which places, summits or travel destin­ations are at the top of the bucket list?

“This sounds a little strange, but along with my boyfriend, I fulfiled the last three biggest points on my wish list last year: mountain climbing in Chamonix (“Teufelsgrat”), climbing in America (Yosemite Valley, Utah), and a few specific tours in the Dolomites. What’s next? I have to think about some new plans! In February I was off to South Africa on a really demanding six-day trail tour in untouched rain forest with my blogger-colleague FRÄULEIN DRAUSSEN (“Ms. Outside”). In hindsight that really brought me great joy and brought me back to the roots of my blog – when it was really all about mountain sports. Naturally, I’d love to get back to Patagonia again (actually, more to trek than climb) and to Utah again. Of course, I’d really have nothing against an extensive road trip through my own Alpine area. I could easily spend an entire year without getting bored in our own beautiful mountains, the Dolomites.”

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