It’s time to cuddle up. WINTER

With its winter socks, LOWA offers the perfect companion for the outdoors during the cold time of year. The sock is designed to provide you with excep­tional support during outdoor activities in winter. The sock’s innovative material composition provides pleasant comfort and optimal foot guidance. The combination of excellent knitting tech­niques and function details will deliver perfect and cuddly hiking exper­iences.

Weight: 70 g/Pair (UK 8) • Show all technical data …


Technical data



Article number

LS0103 9099

Upper material

Approx. 53%
Approx. 23%

Poly­amides are plastics that are synthesised and can be used to produce man-made fibres as a result. In addition to their toughness, poly­amides are known for their form stability, tear and abrasion resistance and waterproof qualities. Poly­amides are also elastic, very stretchy and high gloss.

Approx. 11%
Wool (merino)

Merino wool is the high-quality wool shorn from Merino sheep. Merion fibres are finer and thinner than those of typical sheep’s wool. They are pleasant to wear as a result. Air chambers form as a result of puckering in indi­vidual fibres. These chambers entrap the body’s warmth, producing an insu­lating and temperature-regu­lating effect.

Approx. 11%

Polyester is synthetic plastic fibre made from crude oil. In chemical terms, it is a polymer that can be processed into many different materials. Thanks to its chemical flex­ibility, polyester is light­weight, dries quickly, does not shrink and has the highest levels of tear and abrasion resistance.

Approx. 2%

Elastane is an espe­cially stretchy chemical fibre that is also highly elastic. It can be spun as filament yarn and made into textile products. Elastane is char­ac­terised in particular by its extreme stretchiness, tremendous breaking length, permanent shape retention and very low weight.


70 g/Pair (UK 8)