Shoe selection Myth: “Hiking shoes are always waterproof”

Deutschland, Erzgebirge

The miscon­ception that every outdoor shoe is auto­mat­ically waterproof is unfor­tu­nately wide­spread. Yet the various models differ very consid­erably in terms of design and materials. For example, a shoe with leather lining exploits its strengths in warm and dry conditions to the full. The leather lining can absorb plenty of moisture (sweat), cools slightly and is a perfect fit with the foot. These shoes defy moist conditions for a certain period of time. However, this lining is not waterproof and also requires a certain time to dry. In contrast, shoes with GORE-TEX lining are waterproof and therefore very suitable for use in wet conditions – in particular over a longer time period. Which shoe is the right one for whom depends on intended purpose and personal pref­erences.