Preparation for the activity It’s better to be too warm than too cold

Wanderszene auf den Vardan, Lofoten, Norwegen.

When it comes to your clothing, apply the multi-layer principle. You can then leave your breathable, waterproof jacket and sweater at home and lighten the load in your rucksack. The multi-layer principle protects you from the wind and weather by using several layers of clothing stacked on top of one another. Ensure that all three layers are breathable. Things will quickly become uncom­fortable if you don’t. You can put on or take off layers to match the weather conditions.

  • underclothes_clipping

    1st layer – dry and flexible
    A closely fitting func­tional shirt made of polyester is a suitable under­garment.

  • thermalprotection_clipping

    2nd layer – thermal insu­lation
    The second layer, something like a fleece sweater, will keep you warm.

  • weatherprotection_clipping

    3rd layer – Against wind and rain
    You can wear a third, weatherproof layer on top of that. Your jacket should be light­weight, windproof and water-repellent.

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“Dampen your headwear with water to keep yourself cool and provide protection from UV rays!”

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