Care A first look

Image photo with the TICAM II GTX, 2019_Wanderkollektiv_selection_2019-06

There is nothing worse than wet feet or worn-out boots that get in your way during a long hike. For this reason, you should carefully inspect your boots before you set off on your next tour. The following checklist will help you out.

  • Are all seams still intact?
    Check the seams for damage – for one reason: They hold the indi­vidual parts of the shoe together.

  • Have cracks or worn areas formed in the lining?
    Damaged lining is not such a big problem, but it can signi­ficantly reduce comfort and facilitate friction between the boot and foot, increasing the chance of painful blisters.

  • Is the leather parched or damaged?
    Damage to the outer layer of leather can quickly result in wet feet and should be imme­diately repaired.

  • Are all the hooks, loops and eyelets in perfect condition, and are the laces in good shape?
    Finally, all elements of the lacing system should be checked because they provide firm hold.

Bildauswahl Sarntaler Hufeisen Alix von Melle

“Wear your boots a few days or weeks before the hike. This will enable you to get used to them again and determine whether everything is in good working order.”

Alix von Melle | LOWA PRO Team