Preparation for the activity Initiate various diversions

Image photo with the ROBIN GTX QC,

If spirits start to wane despite all of the fun and new exper­iences, it’s time for some full-scale diversions. The oppor­tunities are endless, and you certainly know a trick or two from your daily life that you can use. How about singing an autumn song you know, playing hide and seek with the animals, walking on your tiptoes through the woods or simply stopping and letting your nose take in the smells of a forest in autumn. We are certain that such diversions will imme­diately pique your chil­dren’s curiosity and revive the hikers’ spirits.

Our extra tip: To convey a sense of fun and enjoyment of nature to parents and children, LOWA publishes the “LO & WA Adventure Manual” twice a year. Each one of these issues is devoted to a particular country or region. Along with an adventure that the siblings LO and WA experience with their feathered friend LOWINGO in each country, there is plenty of reading material, puzzles, and tips and tricks for things that kids can make them­selves. The adventures can also be re-enacted during the tour or during breaks in the hike together with the fluffy peregrine falcon LOWINGO.