On the go Be forward-looking and flexible in your planning

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Just like any hike, an excursion into the woods with children during autumn requires careful preparation. Above all, you have to keep an eye on the weather forecast, partic­ularly the temperature. You should also not under­es­timate and monitor something else: the level at which snow will begin to fall. Any family that sets off in the proper clothing for a hiking adventure should have nothing to worry about. On the contrary: The first snow of the year will awaken chil­dren’s interest in hiking. If snow is forecast, forest trails should be your first choice because the trees offer some protection and the true treasures of nature like leaves, acorns and friends are found here.

Because the sun sets earlier in the autumn, partic­ularly after the end of daylight saving time, you should always keep an eye on your watch to avoid a stressful way back. You should plan shorter hikes because a hike with children takes longer than a hike without them. But please remember this: Stay flexible!

If you are planning a hike where you want to stop and buy refreshments along the way, you should make sure that your hut of choice will be open. Not every hut is open year round, and it would be a shame if the climax of the hike was, in the worst case, a scene filled with tears and empty stomachs.

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“Select a hike that consists of a mix of trails that wind through forests and open terrain. They should not be too long or be excessively steep. If you follow this recom­mendation, the junior hikers in your family will be able to discover the woods and soak up sunshine for the approaching winter months. Webcams will keep you up to date on weather conditions.”

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