On the go X-Lacing®: the right way to tie

Photo copyright Max Seigal, www.maxwilderness.com

With the help of X-Lacing® hooks on the tongue of a number of TREKKING and MOUN­TAIN­EERING boots, the tongue can be optimally fixed in the middle. This feature will prevent the tongue from slipping as the wearer walks and uncom­fortable pressure points from arising. This special lacing system around the hooks secures the tongue both vertically and hori­zontally. As a result, the lacing system gains inde­pendence from the height of the instep, making it perfect for any type of foot.


“This tech­nology ensures that the pressure of the laces is trans­ferred not just to the hooks but to the tongue as well.”

Arthur | LOWA Manager Service Department