Preparation for the activity Behaviour rules

Wanderszene,  , Cesky Raj, Tschechien.

No matter whether you set off alone, with a partner or in a group, a hike in nature always involves minor and major risks that can be kept to a minimum with the help of the best possible prepar­ations.

  • Once you set off, always remain reachable!
    Take along a mobile phone or smartphone and a portable charger and inform at least one friend who can serve as an emergency contact or a hut that is located along the route. Let them know which area you will be using and what your destination is.

  • Stay together!
    If you are with a group, you should take advantage of this benefit and always keep your co-hikers in view. By doing so, everyone can keep watch on everyone.

  • Regularly drink water!
    You can easily become dehydrated on hot days. Start off with enough water and keep your thirst in check.

  • Take breaks!
    Just like taking regular drinks of water, you should also take regular breaks and eat something.


“Never leave the trail! If you stay on the trail, you will never lose sight of it.”

Arthur | LOWA Manager Service Department