On the go Hiking on your own – a very special experience!

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Mangualde, Viseu, Portugal.

Putting your hiking boots on and just setting off! If you are planning to do a solo hiking tour for the first time, you need to heed a few simple tips. To ensure relaxed hiking, you should, in general, do the following three things: obtain information about your route beforehand. If in doubt, select an easier tour to start with. Ensure you have the right equipment to take with you.

  • Stay reachable!
    Take a mobile phone/smartphone with you (+ power bank) and let a friend know where you are going and when you have reached your destination.

  • Prepare yourself!
    Take a first-aid kit and a hiking map.

  • Don’t go aside!
    Stay on official trails and use premium hiking trails.

  • Listen to yourself!
    Listen to your body, find your rhythm and take breaks. Pay attention to your feelings and get help if you need it.

  • Check the weather!
    Check the weather forecast ahead of time.

Bildauswahl Sarntaler Hufeisen Alix von Melle

“In general, you can avoid unne­cessary risks by staying on the trail, using premium hiking trails and, as mentioned in the beginning, checking the weather report before you set off on the tour.”

Alix von Melle | LOWA PRO Team