On the go How to gauge the weather conditions correctly

Herbstabend auf dem Dos da Trat, Gardasee, Trentino, Italien.

The weather can change suddenly, espe­cially in the mountains. Trails and paths become hazardous to walk on in rainy, stormy, windy, foggy and chilly conditions. Be careful – and if the weather turns bad, seek shelter in a hut. Animals and the natural envir­onment will tell you if a storm is brewing. Before your tour find out more about the various cloud types that you are likely to encounter. If cumulus clouds are looming and it is getting mistier, that means inclement weather. The same applies to thickening cirrus clouds and descending stratus clouds.

Signs of bad weather:

  • wind_clipping

    The wind changes direction and picks up consid­erably

  • mist_clipping

    Early morning mist keeps on rising and does not dissipate

  • clouds_clipping

    Certain cloud form­ations, e.g. cumulus clouds

  • worm_clipping

    Partic­ularly large number of earthworms on the forest floor

  • swallow_clipping

    Further signs
    Atmo­spheric pressure drops, swallows fly lower and excellent visibility


“Tannen­zapfen öffnen ihre Schuppen bei gutem und schließen sie bei schlechtem Wetter.”

Arthur | LOWA Manager Service Department