Preparation for the activity Rucksack packing list

Travel items near backpack on the floor for mountain trip with retro camera, passports, GPS, boots, retro camera, flask and hiking equipment, top view

The items you should definitely have in your backpack:

  • bottle_clipping

    Water bottle (for filling purposes)

  • jacket_clipping

    A waterproof, breathable jacket and a light sweater

  • sunprotect_clipping

    Sun protection
    Sun screen, sunglasses, a Buff headband or a thin cap

  • food_clipping

    Food and Drinks
    Food, if there is no hut along the way

  • firstaid_clipping

    First aid kit
    Small first-aid kit, mobile phone, flashlight, pock­etknife, money and ID

  • backpack_clipping

    Multi day hike
    Hut liners, thin outdoor hand towel, a change of clothes, wash bag with shampoo (small container!), toothpaste and toothbrush

Image photo with the INNOX EVO GTX QC JUNIOR,

“Take your hiking map with you. If you get lost, the map will help you to regain your bearings and find the right trail.”

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