Preparation for the activity Find fresh water

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You need to start your hike with enough water. You can also fill your canteens with water from streams. It is a well known fact that spring water found during mountain hikes is very clean. If the water happens to be murky, just filter it! To do this, pour sand, pebbles and crushed charcoal into a handkerchief-lined sock. The water is much clearer after passing through the sock. But be careful, this method doesn’t neces­sarily remove all bacteria and germs. Remember one other thing as well: Take water only from a flowing stream – the faster the stream, the cleaner the water. You should avoid standing water at all costs. Bacteria and germs love to congregate here!

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“You can purchase profes­sional filters for longer tours.”

Alix von Melle | LOWA PRO Team