On the go Night hiking

Calm Midnight adventures. A long exposure shot of a man staring up into the night sky, silhouetted against the milky way galaxy. Photo composite.

Where can I do it?

Night-hiking microad­ventures can be done partic­ularly everywhere. If you want to gaze at the stars, you will have to get out of town or, at the very least, go to a big city park. No matter whether you go alone, with friends or with the entire family, everybody will have a good time.

What do I need?

Pack a pocket lamp and a few torches and then head out into the natural world of the nighttime. You might even get lucky and have a full moon – if so, you forget about the extra light.

How much time do I have to plan for the outing?

You can head off as soon as dusk begins to set in. Depending on your route, you should plan to spend about one hour to three hours on the hike. All (extremely) early risers can set off in the night and then enjoy sunrise from the next knoll.