Preparation for the activity Your mobile home with straps!


What should I pack? What can I leave at home? The length and demands of the hiking trail will determine the amount and type of gear you will need to take along. A few simple tricks will help you to optimally use every bit of storage space you have.

The funda­mental principle is: The lighter and compacter you pack, the better. The weight of a packed rucksack should not exceed 25 per cent of your body weight.

  • Packing rule
    You should follow the following rule of thumb to ensure that the weight is optimally distributed in your backpack: Heavy gear (camera) should be placed close to your back. Medium-weight items (clothing) should go on top and light articles (sleeping bag) in the bottom zone. Things that you use frequently (cell phone, purse) should be placed on the top in extra pockets on the rucksack.

  • Extra tip
    One trick for your clothes: Roll your T-shirts instead of folding them. This will save space and prevent wrinkles in the process.