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Mountain fascination

Luka Lindič is a Slovenian climber and alpinist. The humble young climber has been fascinated by mountains since he was a child. When he started climbing he knew he wanted to go far and go hard. Ambitious from the beginning he trained metic­u­lously and system­at­ically, gaining speed and effi­ciency on a large number of less demanding routes. This has allowed him to build a solid foundation to take on some of the hardest walls on this planet.

Luka Lindič's efforts have been fully recognized in 2008 for the first time when he was awarded the title of the Most Promising Alpine Climber for 2008 by the Moun­tain­eering Asso­ciation of Slovenia. In 2009, 2014 and 2016 he was recognised as the Most successful Slovenian Alpinist by the Alpine Asso­ciation of Slovenia. Luka Lindič has since estab­lished a number of hard routes in China, India, Canada, and Europe. He has been able to score several first ascents and first free ascents like the Lindič-Leclerc Route on Mt. Tuzo, Canada, Psycho­logical Effect on Mt. Neptuak, Canada and Rolling Stones on Grandes Jorasses.

Lindič has summited Broad Peak in the Karakorum and two weeks later he climbed the Northwest Ridge of Gash­erbrum IV, reaching its North Summit. He also scored a solo ascent of the Intégrale de Peuterey Ridge on Mont Blanc in 15.5 hours. The prolific alpinist Lindič was awarded the Piolet d’Or in 2014 for the first ascent of Hagshu on the north face in India. Luka Lindič holds a masters degree in logistics and is a member the Sport Unit of the Slovenian police.

“In the last years I sensed the need of becoming more responsible to envir­onment and the modern problems of our society. Picking up quality, surrounding friendly projects and trying to travel less are becoming my priority. Again and again it surprises me what lays in hills just around the corner, if one opens his/her eyes. Since few years I spend most of the time in Bercht­esgaden, where I found a base with my wife Ines Papert.”

Facts & figures

Celje, Slowenia
Home base:
Bayerisch Gmain
Pro Athlete
Favourite climbing site:
Local mountain:
1,78 m
71 kg

Luka Lindic,
What is so fascinating about moun­tain­eering?

“I can’t really say why I opted for moun­tain­eering. I’ve always been fascinated by life in the mountains, partic­ularly because it is so uncom­promising. You can’t fool yourself on the mountain – and you will only reach the top if you have what it takes.”


What role does the sport currently play in your life?

“Sports plays a very important role in my life, because it fulfils me both phys­ically and mentally. But moun­tain­eering is definitely different that soccer or jogging, as there is always a certain extent of risk involved. That’s why I don’t always have to train at the limit and can easily skip a day or two and then step on the gas again when the conditions are right.

The great thing is: Even though I live of moun­tain­eering and work with different sponsors, I’ve never had the feeling of having to follow a trend or do something risky. So I think I still have a very healthy rela­tionship with moun­tain­eering.”


What would the perfect day look like for you?

“If I have climbed a difficult route and feel that I have managed it not by luck, but because of my skills, then that’s the perfect day.”


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