Resoling A second life for your favourite footwear

Resoling is possible for all footwear with cemented sole construction, in other words, for footwear from the MOUN­TAIN­EERING and TREKKING lines. With this type of shoe design the upper is pinched around the last and glued under high pressure to the underside of the insole. The midsole and outsole are then glued on to this solid unit. Cemented footwear is extremely robust and stable. Footwear of this type can be resoled since sole and upper are attached to each other by glueing on the sole. The worn-out sole is sanded down completely and a new sole is glued on to the upper. This process noticeably extends the service life of the footwear, hence making an important contri­bution to sustain­ability. For models with GORE-TEX membrane, however, we cannot provide warranty for the subsequent waterproof qualities of the shoes.

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“Top quality is the guarantee for genuine sustain­ability. Replacing soles really does make sense in that respect too.”

Ralf Dujmovits | LOWA PRO Team

Which parts of my shoe can be repaired?

How it works

Some services are only available in certain countries. Please ask your distributor which services are available in your country.