Tour: Wiesenstieg A refreshing water tour with a broad range of places to stop for a bite to eat and refreshments

easy to medium day hike
Start of the tour:
Pond Place Bad Griesbach
Refreshment break:
Griesbach Water station
End of the tour:
Pond Place Bad Griesbach
04:30 hours
13 km
486 m
486 m
Solid footwear, Hiking clothes
Our shoe tip:

The route travels over winding rivers and through beautiful coun­trysides. You can take relaxing breaks along the way, enjoying food and beverages at the Renchtalhütte, the Griesbach water station and the Höhen­gasthaus Herbstwasen.

You will begin the tour at the Wiesen­steig­portal of the hiking car park Weiherplatz in the town district of Bad Griesbach. After reaching the dam of the old pond system, you will turn right and head to the streambed of the Wilde Rench. You will cross the Wilde Rench several times before reaching the Fisc­hfelsenhütte – Wiesen­steig­portal “Renchtalhütte”. Not far from this portal, you will see the hut that goes by the same name. It is the perfect place to take a rustic break. From the “Renchtalhütte” portal, you will head downhill, walking past the Oberkircher Wein­brunnen fountain in the historic Brunnen­häusle until you reach the Haus Wilde Rench. You can refresh yourself here at the Griesbach water station or treat yourself to some home-distilled liqueur. You will then cross the street and change the side of the valley. From here, you will begin your return trip to the Weiherplatz starting point – a section of the hike that includes some steep climbs and a refreshing break at the Alpirsbach “Bier­brunnen” (beer fountain) before continuing to the Herbstwasen mountain inn (refreshment stop) and from there down to the Rench bank.