Tour: Heimgarten crossing The hiking trail is filled with wonderful views of the foothills of the Alps

Round trip
Start of the tour:
Refreshment break:
Heimgarten hut
End of the tour:
06:00 hours
15 km
1.193 m
1.193 m
Hiking clothes, hiking boots

The local mountain of Ohlstadt offers a varied hike with fantastic views of the Wetterstein, Karwendel and Alpine foothills as well as the turquoise-blue Walchensee. The paths are relatively steep and strenuous, basic condition should be in place.

The tour starts at the office “Die Bergführer”. You will begin simply by following the signs pointing towards Heimgarten/Wankhütte/Rauheck. The trail rises slightly at the start and quickly turns into a beautiful path that leads steeply uphill. You will quickly gain altitude and soon enjoy some stunning views that extend from Ohlstadt to Murnau am Staffelsee. You will leave the forest after reaching the Wankhütte and then follow the signs leading towards Heimgarten. Once you reach the summit of Heimgarten, you will see the Karwendel mountains and the Hirschberg mountain as well as the lakes known as Kochelsee and Walchensee. You will then head downhill, walking past the Bären­fleckhütte and the castle ruins called “Veste Schaumburg”. You will even­tually return to your starting point in Ohlstadt.