On the go Orientation in winter

Schneeschuhtour Hochwiesenberg,
Riesengebirge, Tschechien.

The natural envir­onment is a wonderful sight when blanketed in glistening snow. Everything is soft and white – and too much of it looks alike. Getting your bearings when hiking can be tricky, espe­cially in winter. Trail markings often disappear quickly beneath the blanket of snow – as do potential hazards in the form of slopes, potholes and loose boulders and rocks. So particular watch­fulness is called for. In order to be able to enjoy a winter hiking tour to the full, it is vital to have up-to-date maps and a GPS device with you. If you want to play it very safe, remember to take replacement rechargeable (for a mobile phone) and normal batteries. Biting cold virtually siphons off the power in these devices. Shorter days should not be under­es­timated. Less daylight may mean less time to backtrack when taking a wrong turn. So taking a good head lamp with you is an absolute must!