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LOWA PRO Team Martin Feistl

The passion of climbing

We are deeply saddened and can hardly believe it. Our athlete Martin Feistl, whom we had the privilege of exper­i­encing as an excep­tional sportsman in the LOWA PRO Team, has died in a tragic climbing accident in Tyrol.

Martin Feistl was a moun­taineer through and through. Growing up near Lake Ammersee, southwest of Munich, he was not drawn to water sports, which might be more typical for his hometown. Instead, he felt at home in the diverse world of climbing. Whether it was ice climbing, sport climbing, in alpine regions, or on exped­itions with climbing partners, he was always passionate about it.

In his first ascents and exped­itions, sustain­ability was always at the forefront. Martin had great ideas and visions for envir­on­mentally friendly climbing, far from cars or planes, always in harmony with nature.

Our heartfelt condolences and deep sympathy go out to his family, friends, and all loved ones. We wish them much strength in this difficult time.

We will always remember Martin as an ambitious, joyful athlete and person.

Facts & figures

Home base:
Favourite climbing site:
Local mountain:
Colodri in Arco
1,81 m
71 kg

Martin Feistl,
What has been your climbing highlight up to now?

“I try to take on a wide range of things. For this reason, I have a hard time coming up with one particular highlight. But I cannot forget the time I climbed the Petite Dru by taking the “Allain Leiniger” route. The winter weather was so bad that we had to use crampons until we were four pitches below the summit. It was also a climb that included an unplanned sitting bivouac, and we did it all without using a cable car.”

What are your athletic goals?

“In athletic climbing, and partic­ularly in multi-pitch climbs, I have various dreams involving the 10th grade of difficulty. I also think about big modern combined tours in places like Chamonix. Right now, though, I’m focusing on places that are (more or less) right outside the front door.”

Do you have any tips for young climbers?

“Use every chance you have to live your passion in the way that you want and don’t feel bad about doing so.”

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