LOWA PRO Team Ralf Dujmovits

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Ralf Dujmovits lives in the Black Forest region of south­western Germany and can be found sport climbing, trekking through the Alps or enjoying expedition mountain climbs whenever time permits. This multi­faceted athlete began to feel his passion for climbing and moun­tain­eering at the ripe old age of 7. Initially with his father at his side, Ralf set off on a world tour during a gap year between secondary school and medical school. The trained mountain guide later conquered the highest mountains on all seven continents with clients.

The general public got to know Ralf in 1999 during a 33-hour live TV broadcast of his ascent of the north face of the Eiger. He is one of the world’s most exper­ienced high-altitude moun­taineers and mountain guides. Ralf is the first German to have stood on the summit of all 14 eight-thou­sanders in the world.

In addition to athletic chal­lenges, he carefully plans each of his exped­itions, soaking up as much information as possible about the mountain he’s about to take on and the surrounding region. “As it always has done, moun­tain­eering allows me to satisfy my curiosity during adven­turesome treks, to get to know different people and cultural groups and to test my own limits.”

Facts & figures

Home base:
Offi­cially certified mountain and ski guide
Favourite climbing site:
Leonidio, Greece
Local mountain:
Battert north of Baden-Baden, Germany
1,75 m
73 kg

Ralf Dujmovits,
How has the sport changed your life?

“Sports have been a natural and increasingly important part of my daily life since childhood. Moun­tain­eering and training became my top priority once I started mountain guide training and decided to become a profes­sional. My everyday life is still shaped by climbing, moun­tain­eering and athletic activities.”

Do you have any tips for people who would like to give moun­tain­eering a try?

“Slowly grow into moun­tain­eering! Moun­tain­eering is not like playing golf. It has a completely different type of risk potential. Avoiding accidents during those first intox­icating years requires a lot of time to gain experience. Your guardian angel needs a little wiggle room as well.”

What do you always take along with you on your exped­itions? What could you never do without?

“I always take one or more books, now e-books, along with me on a expedition. They add some variety to life in the base camp when bad weather sets in and frequently help to start some inter­esting conver­sations.”

My shoes for…


Exped­itions: EXPEDITION 8000 EVO RD

“In my view it’s the warmest in the eight-thou­sander footwear league. A specialist that has been optimised over the course of many years for tackling eight-thou­sanders, the Mount McKinley or for Antarctic exped­itions.”

Feel right at home in the Himalayas – with the moun­tain­eering expedition boots developed by LOWA and extreme moun­taineer, Ralf Dujmovits. He knows what it takes to face the Arctic temper­atures and Alpine chal­lenges that arise at an elevation of more than 8,000 metres: He is the first German moun­taineer to scale all 14 eight-thou­sanders. The result of this part­nership is a boot designed to take on the most demanding exped­itions. The removable inner boot is insulated with 400 grams of comfortable Prim­aloft®. More …

Via ferrata: ALPINE PRO GTX

“I feel really comfortable in this shoe. I really like the many features inside, espe­cially that my toes are very close to the rock. Simply an ideal shoe for alpine terrain.”

A moun­taineer’s boots are their tools too. The better they are, the more their wearers can enjoy the terrain. LOWA’s ALPINE PRO GTX is a soph­ist­icated moun­tain­eering boot that can make your Alpine dreams come true. The key feature is its traction – made possible by a partic­ularly flat midsole, the newly-designed profile of the VIBRAM®-Alp Trac outsole and a shortened toe cap. This means you can retain control on your Alpine tours. More …

Ice and mixed climbing: ALPINE ICE GTX

“Exactly the right shoe for activities in the Western Alps or for ice climbing: supremely insulated yet light, a superb fit and heel fit for mixed climbing or on front spikes in sheer ice.”