Wanderprojekt Binntal

Tour: Mountain hiking in Binntal

T1 easy hike
Start of the tour:
Zer Brigge/Fäld
End of the tour:
Zer Brigge/Fäld
03:30 hours
8 km
770 m
Good footwear, hiking attire, rain gear, sunscreen, sunglasses, rucksack, hiking poles, food and beverages.

The Binntal landscape park is a nature and hiking paradise that is largely unknown in Switzerland. Fanny Smith, the personable Swiss ski cross world champion and Olympic icon, headed off on a mountain hike to explore this natural dreamland. The hike leads past Maniboden, a site that is considered to be a place of power, before heading to one of Switzer­land’s most amazing mountain lakes, the Mässersee, not far from the Italian border. On the return home, it takes a brief break at the Längenbach mineral mine, a reminder that the Binntal region is one of the world’s leading sources of rare minerals. This fascinating hiking adventure will reveal to you just what glit­tering crystals and precious Olympic metal have in common.


Zer Brigge/Fäld (1518 m) – Mässer­chäller (1884 m) – Schäre (1978 m) – Manibode (2026 m) – P. 2146 – Mässersee (2119 m) – Mässeralp – Lengenbach mineral mine (1652 m) – back to the starting point

You will find more tour tips that include videos at: www.outside-move.ch