Tour: Speed­hiking in Pontresina

T1 easy hike
Start of the tour:
Bahnhof Pontresina
Refreshment break:
Alp Languard / Chamonna Segantini
End of the tour:
Punt Muragl
03:00 hours
8 km
730 m
Good footwear, hiking attire, rain gear, sunscreen, sunglasses, rucksack, hiking poles, food and beverages.
Our shoe tip:

The Ober­engadin lake landscape, the surrounding mountains and the special light have inspired and magically attracted many artists. “It is as though I am living in the promised land. I want to stay here for a long time, ” Friedrich Nietzsche wrote. “I am not someone who readily talks about happiness. But I am on the verge of believing that I am happy here, ” Thomas Mann said. The Engadin region has been captured on canvas by such greats as Ferdinand Hodler, Max Ernst, Marc Chagall, Joseph Beuys and Giovanni Segantini. After Segantini died, many people made pilgrimages to the last place of his work, the Schafberg mountain above Pontresina. The fascination about the place and its special light still attract visitors today. As well as those people who spend more time on the mountain than anybody else – as we found out during our brief meeting with Martina Tscharner, the manager of the Segantini Hut, and Selina Niggli of Unteren Schafberg. This speed­hiking tour, which can also be hiked as an epicurean tour, leads past the historic mountain restaurant Unterer Schafberg and then winds its way to the summit of Munt da la Bês-cha, where the inspiring Segantini Hut awaits. From the mountain restaurant Muottas Muragl, you can also take in the incom­parable view of the Ober­engadin lakes before you head back to the valley on the funicular railway.


Pontresina Train Station (1773 m) – town centre Pontresina (1805 m) – follow the hiking signs to Unterer Schafberg (2228 m) or take the chairlift to Alp Languard (2327 m) and use the hiking path to reach Unterer Schafberg – follow the hiking signs to Muottas Muragl (2454 m) – with a possible detour to Chamonna Segantini (2732 m) – make the descent with the funicular railway to Punt Muragl (1738 m). You can switch the starting and ending points of this hike.

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