On the go Prepared for a dire situation

Stefan Glowacz und seine Begleiter, Fotograf Thomas Ulrich und Spitzenkletterer Philipp Hans, stellen die Expedition Coast to Coast unter das Motto „by fair means“. Mit möglichst geringem

Nobody wants it to happen. But once you set off in the mountains, you have to be prepared for everything because help is much more difficult to obtain than it is in a city.

If you have to issue a mayday call in the Alps, be prepared to answer the five W’s:

1. Where?

2. What?

3. Who?

4. What number of people?

5. Weather?

The emergency number in Europe is 112. You can use this number in every EU member country to get help. A special number that applies in each indi­vidual country is available for mountain rescue missions:

Austria: 140

Switzerland: 1414