Preparation for the activity Packing my rucksack – the must-haves for a classic hiking tour

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The lighter, the better. The weight of your packed rucksack should not exceed 25 percent of your body­weight. If you are hiking through flat terrain, your ruck­sack’s centre of gravity should be on your shoulders. In steep terrain, it will be a bit lower down your back.

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    Light objects
    You will pack light things like your sleeping bag and jacket in the bottom compartment.

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    Medium-heavy objects
    You will pack medium-heavy objects like a change of clothes in the middle compartment of your rucksacks towards the outside.

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    Heavy objects
    Heavy objects like your camera or tent should be packed in the middle compartment directly on your back.

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    Small items
    You should place small items in the lid compartment or side pockets.

  • Weight stabilising
    You can easily determine if you have properly packed your rucksack: It is properly packed if the weight does not press either towards the front or the back or pulls or hinders you in any other way.

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“You can buy practical pack sacks that will fix and hold indi­vidual parts of a category. This will prevent anything from shifting, and small items will remain where they should be.”

Alix von Melle | LOWA PRO Team