On the go Allow for proper breaks

Image photo with the INNOX EVO GTX MID JUNIOR, Family Shooting Heutal 2018

It’s obviously important to take breaks when hiking. As far as adults are concerned, hill peaks or chalets are frequently popular places to take a break, and the last few metres of altitude can be overcome with this objective in mind. Children feel the same way, even if that mountain view or experience of reaching the peak is not yet really important to them. But breaks are important. That’s why they should be planned so as to appeal to children. A hut and the prospect of a delicious fruit juice spritzer or a piece of cake certainly help to focus chil­dren’s minds. If there are animals or a play­ground at the hut, that is of course even better. But beware: continuing with the hike could be delayed a little.

But it doesn’t always have to be a hut. A pleasant spot by a lake or an alpine meadow with flowers or a stream running through it will also do the trick. Take a surprise treat with you (chocolate biscuits, hot dogs, cereal bars etc.) and the kids are usually happy.

Image photo with the INNOX EVO GTX QC JUNIOR,

“Incid­entally a peak or summit is not all that suitable for taking an extended break if you’re going hiking with children. Depending on what it’s like at the summit, parents frequently spend their time making sure that their child does not fall off.”

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