On the go Allow for sufficient time and let your child do their own walking

Salzburger Land Heutal

Sounds logical, doesn’t it? But sometimes it’s not very simple. Espe­cially if the kids are still very young and frequently don’t do much walking of their own. Yet even if your child is in a carry-rucksack, that doesn’t mean you have to finish every tour or reach every summit. If you devote time to your child, you frequently get to the end of the day much more happily.

But: how much walking can a young child actually manage?

Of course, there is no golden rule here, because each child is different. What’s important is that you don’t compare your child with others. While some children of two can already manage three kilo­metres with a gain in altitude of several metres, others can barely walk one kilometre on the flat. If the plan is for the child to walk as much as possible on its own, that takes time. More frequent breaks need to be factored in here. Yet no matter how old kids are, parents should never forget that their child’s legs are much shorter than their own.

Image photo with the INNOX EVO GTX QC JUNIOR,

“Damit Dein Kleinkind Spaß am Wandern hat und auch selbst läuft, braucht es ab und zu ein wenig Motivation. Du kannst mit Deinem Kind einen geeigneten Wanderstock suchen, ihr könnt auf Baustämmen balan­cieren oder Verstecken spielen.”

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