Shoe selection Choose the right footwear for the tour

Image photo with the INNOX EVO GTX MID JUNIOR, Family Shooting Heutal 2018

To avoid complaints and to aid the natural growth of their feet, a good pair of chil­dren’s hiking boots is a good investment. Chil­dren’s feet are not just the mini version of adult feet, they are much more exacting. Roughly a quarter of the bones in a human body are found in the feet. But in children this bone tissue is not yet fully developed. Added to this is the fact that chil­dren’s ligaments are still signi­ficantly more elastic and their sensation of pain is less well developed. That’s why children in shoe shops can’t say whether a shoe fits or not: They can bunch their toes together without it being uncom­fortable. But how can the right size be iden­tified? A relatively reliable method is removing the inner sole, which can be done with all LOWA shoes. This not only lets you identify the right length, but also check whether the shoe has the right width.

Image photo with the ARCO GTX® MID JUNIOR, Kids Testing

“I advise parents to remove the foot­bed from the shoe and let the child stand on it on the floor. In this case, there should be about a kid’s thumb width of room between the big toe and the end of the foot­bed.”

Dr. Micha Bahr