Kletter-Expedition im Nördlichen Patagonischen Inlandeisfeld mit den Bergführern Jörn Heller, Andreas Thomann und Robert Jasper, auf den Nef Gletscher, Erkundung der Zustiege und die zweite Besteigung vom Cerro Largo 2705 m, Basislager im Vall de Soler, Lago Plomo, Puerto Bertrand, Patagonien, Chile.

Together to the top

The LOWA Performance collection – a success story!

When LOWA sits down to develop its line of Alpine boots, the company calls on experts: its top athletes. They test the boots in the most remote corners of the world. The demands that the profes­sionals place on the LOWA devel­opment team are high. The athletes always need boots that meet the very highest standards when they set off on their exped­itions.

During this process, the company’s headquarters in the Bavarian town of Jetzendorf is regularly turned into a very special venue: the place where excep­tional, world-renowned German athletes on the LOWA PRO Team get together with the devel­opment staff. But the real stars of these meetings are something else: the Alpine boots made by LOWA.

  • Athletenmeeting 2019 Ulligunde
  • Athletenmeeting 2019 Ulligunde
  • Athletenmeeting 2019 Romina Neumaier
  • Athletenmeeting 2019 Romina Neumaier
  • Gietl Kaiser Klettern Lowa Athleten Meeting Papert lowa
  • Athletenmeeting 2019 Ulligunde
  • Athletenmeeting 2019 Romina Neumaier

Dialogue with experts

One thing always becomes clear quite quickly during the conver­sations with the athletes: the extreme demands placed on high-end mountain boots. The athletes serve as valuable advisers who go over the details, strengths and limit­ations of the footwear with the developers. The athletes’ needs and the devel­opment depart­ment’s vision have been combined to create in a new, innovative product line. The models ALPINE PRO GTX, Approach PRO GTX LO and ROCKET represented the launch of the LOWA performance collection.

  • Image photo with the ALPINE SL GTX, Athletenmeeting 2019 Ulligunde

Devel­opment of the ALPINE SL

The ALPINE SL was developed in collab­oration with David Göttler. The aim was to reduce as much weight as possible. This is a feature expressed by the product’s full name: the “Alpine Super Light”. Göttler turned to the LOWA devel­opment team with a request for an extremely light Alpine boot that could still handle the chal­lenges created by difficult conditions on the mountain. The experts came up with a boot that includes integrated gaiters that prevent snow from penet­rating the boot. The real trick: The boot was boiled down to the essentials. But the light moun­tain­eering boot is still equipped with a stable sole for use during Alpine adventures. During an expedition, the athlete subjected the “Alpine Super Light” to the toughest of real-world tests – and the boot aced them all. The information gained from the tests then flowed back into the devel­opment of the successor model.

Mt. Everest, Nepal, Tibet

“The wheat is separated from the chaff outside on the terrain!”

Luis Stitzinger | LOWA PRO Team

Long-term rela­tionship

Collab­oration with profes­sional athletes has a long tradition at LOWA. The outdoor company has been spon­soring their exped­itions for years now. The LOWA PRO Team now consists of 11 athletes from Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. In addition to the moun­tain­eering stars Ralf Dujmovits, Stefan Glowacz, Gerlinde Kalten­brunner, Hans Kammer­lander, Alix von Melle and Luis Stitzinger, the line-up of climbing profes­sionals includes Ines Papert, Robert Jasper, Rudi Hauser and Roger Schäli. Paragliding pilot Chrigel Maurer also flies under the LOWA banner. In addition to serving as devel­opment advisers, the athletes on the LOWA PRO team play one key role in particular: They act as important brand ambas­sadors. They climb the world’s tallest mountains and venture into uncharted territory with LOWA boots on their feet – in the process, they create stories that inspire lovers of the outdoors around the world.


“Collab­oration with the athletes is very important to us. They put the products to the test. They can then tell us what works and what needs to changed.”

Alexander Nicolai | LOWA CEO